by Twin Pricks

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Our new EP coming out March 17th, 2011 (but will be already available on our upcoming tour... if we're lucky).


released March 17, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabien Pilard @ l'Usine Studio, autumn 2010.
Music & lyrics by Twin Pricks.
Additional vocals by Flore Ujma.
Cello by Hervé Mehl.
Artwork by New Work City :
Chez Kito Kat Records #16 :

Thanks to them all.




Twin Pricks Metz, France

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Track Name: Hearthopper
So many stars are pinned in the sky
But only one is catching your eye

I will keep this picture of you
I would keep this picture of you

Feels like I’m repeating myself
Same story looping in my head

I will keep this picture of you
Would I keep this picture of you ?

Dead things are alive in words and sounds
Forever hidden in my mind

I will keep these pictures of you
I would keep these pictures of you

Well aiming at some shooting stars will never get you farther than you already are
It’s like hopping on a train to nowhere
But you don’t care, this nowhere there could be anywhere but here
So hold on to this thing called love
And keep on looking up above

I will burn these pictures of you
Track Name: Teen Pricks
Wanna grab a taste of success with your tongue cut to shreds
Blood is bitter in the excess of self-confidence
You’re a star, yes you are, don’t deny you never went that far
As to pretend that you were better than everyone else

I’ve walked the streets and seen you at every corner, hitting the pavement
For less than a dollar bill
Dancing like Jesco White but with no talent whatsoever
Looking for the cheapest thrill

Young boys
I know you’re scared of falling down
Because high is the roof and hard is the ground, and you probably won’t stand up
A shooting star means that your light is dead
A shooting star no one will be remembering
Young boys
Where you were we went back, there’s no soul in your tracks
Track Name: How To Fall In Love
When I'm looking for my kind of truth
I realize that I'm losing grip on present
And I can sense the pain through my bones
Why do I feel so wrong at the right moment ?

I've been so down... so tell me how to fall in love (how to fall in love with you again) ?

On my knees, begging please, feeling sick but digging deep
Your pleasure is my treasure for yours to keep
And when I'll find it, will I file it or share it with my other self ?
You know you're the one I'm longing for...
Track Name: Jigsaw
Pieces are missing in this jigsaw playin’
But once you get over it you stop thinking about it
And that’s the problem you see, I’m not a toy
A mindless part of a bigger game that’s on
That you can get rid off easily when done

Keeping track
Losing grip
Somehow I got lost on this trip
Track Name: Souvenirs
Under the stars
Staring at the moonlight thinking 'bout the one who's disappeared
Where is she now ?
Under the sun
Partly watching sunrays dancing on the clouds as we were making love
In this field...

Don't look back
That's what I keep repeating myself...
Don't look back

Forgive and forget
Resent at regret
And what was once said
When we first met
Never will we ever be so close to the end
Breakup or breakdown
Either way you’re a clown
A shadow in the crowd
Got fooled by your pride
Maybe it’s time to leave that town (and shit) behind

Don't look back
That's what I keep repeating myself...
Don't look back